A dream remembered

NOTE: This article is a follow up to the article Deacons? What were the apostles thinking?

The Strange Fishing Dream occurred 10-15 years ago and with the help of friends, the understanding seemed clear. Not long after, I had another fishing dream, forgotten until the Lord brought it to mind today and helped me to see the meaning.

The Dream

funnyfishFrom the window of a vacant industrial building on a pier over the Puget Sound, I was fishing and hooked a big fish, the size of a cow. Somehow I managed to reel it in on a pole much too small for the job, lifted it out of the water, pulled it through the window and placed it on what looked like a boat cradle. I don’t remember that the fish weighed anything.

It was a funny looking fish, with a rounded boxy shape and unlike anything I’d ever seen come out of the Puget Sound. It was bloated looking, smooth skinned and had a pleasant but dumb looking expression on its face. Continue reading

Deacons? What were the apostles thinking?

deaconsNOTE: This article is a follow up to the article Martha, Martha, Martha!

Reading Acts 6:1-6 in several translations this morning I picked up on a few additional cues that raised even more questions concerning the creation and ordination of deacons.

Normally, I use the ESV for casual reading, which for Acts 6:2, reads in part:

“And the twelve summoned the full number of the disciples …”

The word “summoned” jumped off the page at me and leaves me rather unsettled, because it is often used in situations of authority, e.g., a court of law summons someone under the law to stand before the law. Continue reading

Martha, Martha, Martha!

You know the story; Jesus and the disciples drop in on Martha, Mary and Lazarus, and Martha gets steamed at Mary for leaving her to do all the serving by herself while Mary reclines at Jesus feet. She’s upset enough that she even throws a little lip Jesus’ way (Luke 10:38-42). Sermons about the encounter typically conclude with “be a Mary, not a Martha”. Of course, such sermons are NEVER delivered on the same day that the church holds a potluck after the service. No one gets served if everyone is a Mary.

maryandmarthaThe Greek word used to describe Martha’s serving is the same word used in Acts 6:1, when the apostles decided that serving food was a hassle and foisted the job off onto 7 deacons so they could focus on prayer and the word of God instead (Acts 6:1-6). Except for the Greek, one would never see the connection because the KJV renders the word “serving” in the passage concerning Martha, and “ministration” in the passage concerning the apostles. I guess that means when women serve food, it’s service, but when men do it, it’s ministry. Continue reading