Wheat field vision

The Vision. Spring of 2000.


Suddenly I was standing in the middle of a vast rolling wheat field. How I got there, I had no idea. It was as if one moment I was a stalk of wheat and the next I was a man. As the vision continued to unfold, I thought to myself I need to look for others and began to look around for a building where I might find other people or a phone where I could call someone to come and pick me up. Turning completely around I didn’t see ANY evidence of buildings or other men in sight. So I stood there, waiting.

Soon I saw the heads of the wheat swirl and then sway with the wind and I knew instinctively to walk in the direction of the wind. With each step I felt lighter and so I trotted, feeling lighter still, until finally I was running in the direction of the wind. I felt light as a feather and leapt, taking flight with the wind.

That ends the vision.

As often as I’ve thought about it, I take the vision to simply mean that there is freedom and power to accomplish the impossible by running with the Spirit (wind).

More recently, I have given thought to the wheat field itself, from which I suddenly sprouted to manhood.

… The field is vast. Who planted it?

… Will others suddenly “pop” up like I did and run with the wind?

It’s a silly thought, but I find myself thinking about a popcorn popper and the way popcorn pops. There’s always the first few early kernels that pop, seconds pass, a few more and then a rapid acceleration until it seems like the kernels are all popping at once, trailing off until the remaining seeds have all popped.

About that I wonder whether in “popcorn” terms we might soon see a “whole lotta poppin’ goin’ on?”